John Salminen’s Tried-and-True Techniques

The 4th Annual Watercolor Live came to an end Friday, January 26, wrapping up with even more of today’s best watercolor artists sharing all of their secrets, explaining their materials, methods, and more. See teasers from demonstrations by Milind Mulick, Daniela Werneck, Kathleen Conover, Dan Mondloch, Janet Rogers, and John Salminen below.

The live stream might be over but one thing that’s still going strong is the incredible faculty auction, which is up through 10pm EST, Saturday, January 27th, 2024.

John Salminen, "California Line," watercolor, 25 x 25 in., available in the Watercolor Live faculty auction
John Salminen, “California Line,” watercolor, 25 x 25 in., available in the Watercolor Live faculty auction

The next Live event is coming in March with Plein Air Live, so visit now to register and be with fellow artists online for days of demonstrations, Q&A with your favorite artists, and mingling during the breakout rooms and cocktail hours.

Highlights from Day 3 of Watercolor Live 2024

From Milind Mulick's watercolor cityscape demonstration
From Milind Mulick’s watercolor cityscape demonstration

Milind Mulick says that while he loves to paint in oil and pastel, he always comes back to watercolor. Milind, who is based in Pune, India, shared his techniques for painting a cityscape beginning with a simple drawing to establish the shapes, then completed the street scene with figures, bicycles, and an auto rickshaw.

From Daniela Werneck's portrait painting session at Watercolor Live
From Daniela Werneck’s portrait painting session at Watercolor Live

Brazilian artist Daniela Werneck uses both photo references and live models. For her session, she gave a demonstration from her Houston, Texas studio on how to paint a portrait on a clay surface made especially for watercolor.

from Kathleen Conover's session on how to paint flowers
from Kathleen Conover’s session on how to paint flowers

Kathleen Conover said to never throw out a piece of old watercolor paper. Her lesson was on giving yourself a new start from a disappointing painting so you can take it from chaos to order.

From Dan Mondloch's live painting session
From Dan Mondloch’s live painting session

Joining us live on camera, third-generation artist Dan Mondloch shared a detailed lesson on the important role value and value sketches play, and how to “let go of the details” when painting a scene with watercolor. Dan’s segment ended with a special audience Q&A.

Janet Rogers shared a portrait study
Janet Rogers shared a portrait study

Janet Rogers painted a watercolor study of her granddaughter with tips and techniques that artists of all levels could benefit from learning, in particular how to capture the energy and the life of a person in a portrait.

From John Salminen's Watercolor Live session
From John Salminen’s Watercolor Live session

Watercolorist John Salminen walked us through his beginning stages to the completion of a painting, sharing his experience as an artist and his path to abstract expressionism as well as his tried-and-true techniques.

And as always, we ended the evening with a final cocktail hour paint-along session, sharing our experiences, reflections, and new goals after so many days of inspiration and learning. Remember to visit now to join us for the next unforgettable event. See you there!


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