What Thomas Schaller Finds “Endlessly Exciting”

On Day 2 of Watercolor Live this year, we saw more full-length painting demonstrations, including a live on-camera session with none other than Thomas Schaller. It was incredible to watch each painting come to life throughout the day.

We also saw special sessions from today’s generous sponsors, including Fabriano, Raphael & Sennelier; Blick Art Materials; Sennelier; Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff; and Royal Talens.

And, there’s even still time to purchase art from the 4th Annual Watercolor Live Faculty Auction.

Keep scrolling to see what you may have missed from Day 2…

Highlights from Day 2 of Watercolor Live

The final demo painting from Thomas Schaller's Watercolor Live session: "Imaginary Cityscape," watercolor, 15 x 14 in.
The final demo painting from Thomas Schaller’s Watercolor Live session: “Imaginary Cityscape,” watercolor, 15 x 14 in., available in the faculty auction

In a highly-anticipated session, Thomas Schaller joined us live from his studio, where he gave us a close-up view of his process of painting a scene based on realism but informed with his creative ideas about what it could be. In this case, it was a simplistic, wintry view of New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

Thomas told us that he finds contrast and the act of comparing one thing to its opposite to be endlessly exciting – the play of light and dark, vertical and horizontal lines, cool and warm tones, even past vs present. In his demo, he also addressed the importance of redesigning the reality that you look at to recreate a reality that you see.

An exclusive peek at Thomas Schaller's sketchbook and pre-painting process
An exclusive peek at Thomas Schaller’s sketchbook and pre-painting process

In a unique format for Watercolor Live, Host and Publisher Eric Rhoads was part of the demo so that he could ask the questions we were thinking throughout Thomas’s demo; Kelly Kane picked it with a Q&A using audience-submitted questions that came up during the running chat.

From Keiko Tanabe's plein air Watercolor Live session
From Keiko Tanabe’s plein air Watercolor Live session

Taking us beyond the studio walls, Keiko Tanabe gave us a plein air watercolor demonstration from a fishing village in Southern Italy. She said it’s important to look at your view in an abstract way when it comes to the shapes and composition of your painting, so that it all comes together in a cohesive way.

From Dylan Scott Pierce's figure painting emo
From Dylan Scott Pierce’s figure painting emo

Inspired by a young girl he once met on a trip to Africa, Dylan Scott Pierce wanted to capture her delicate innocence in watercolor. He led a demo based on an existing sketch and color studies.

From Caitlin Hatch's lesson on how to paint a horse with watercolor
From Caitlin Hatch’s lesson on how to paint a horse with watercolor

From tension to tranquility, the key to capturing the emotion of an animal in a watercolor portrait is to focus on expressing its movement (and the transition between shapes and values), explained Caitlin Hatch.

From the watercolor landscape painting demo with Sterling Edwards
From the watercolor landscape painting demo with Sterling Edwards

Sterling Edwards worked on a 22 x 30-inch sheet to create a landscape using a photo reference of a California scene in a stylized manner, taking total artistic license to make a personal statement of what he wants to say about the image versus replicating the photo.

There’s still a little time left to join us for Watercolor Live 2024, so visit WatercolorLive.com now and be a part of the moment-to-moment learning!


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