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Find out how this American master helped raise the profile of watercolor in the U.S.

Sail Into Success

Learn how one problematic painting evolved to prize-worthy level.

Making Waves

Meet the watercolor artist who takes his craft to the water.
An exhibition juror reveals the magic of watercolor at play in his top award picks.
A self-taught wildlife painter, Laura Wilkins mostly uses watercolor to depict birds that appear loose but realistic in their expression.
A current exhibition looks at the transformation of watercolor from a preparatory medium to a respected art form in Britain.

Masterpiece Makeover

Vladislav Yeliseyev demonstrates the benefits of editing a scene for a better painting composition.
Captivated by the beauty outside their own windows, artists have immortalized gardens throughout history.
Alvaro Castagnet shares the secret to moving past technique in order to make magic in watercolor.

Ready, Set, Go

Be prepared when plein air painting inspiration strikes with these tips from watercolor artist Shuang Li.