Ambassador of the Week: Penn Tomassetti

Meet Penn Tomassetti, this week’s top American Watercolor Weekly Ambassador!

Influenced by my artistic parents, I began drawing at a very young age. I continue to draw and paint the things I find interest in; including landscapes, animals, and prehistoric dinosaurs, seeing the created world as visual poetry in the ancient Greek sense of the word “poiema,” which meant “workmanship.” I find delight in seeing the beauty of nature all around and I try to depict glimpses of that beauty whenever possible. Painting in Watercolor is an enjoyable way for me to create traditional style art outside of the fast-paced and high-tech design world that I work in.

Chimes Tower and Waterfall at Longwood Gardens (watercolor, 9 x 12 in.) Each year my wife, kids and I take a walk through this enchanted garden to see flowers and landscapes, including this serene pond with musical chimes in the Chimes Tower.


As the Deer Pants for Water — Psalm 42:1 (watercolor, 11 x 14 in.) This painting reminds me of the kinds of creeks I frequently played in as a child. I imagine it to be a place where deer and other woods creatures find refreshment.


Snow Drifts Before Dawn (watercolor, 9 x 12 in.) I can still feel the cold air when I see this painting depicting a distant farm light shining through the atmosphere on an early snowy morning.

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